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What is IPA?

The ionic polarising appliance is a simple physical device that removes limescale and prevents formation of a new one. No chemistry, electricity and magnets. It protects the environment

and saves your finances.



  • one-time investment, quick repay

  • suitable for households, businesses and industry

  • extends the lifespan of equipments and appliances

      (including irrigation equipment)

  • prevents scale formation and corrosion

  • reduced consumption of detergents

  • high quality water directly from your tap

      (no more plastic bottles)

  • prevents heat loss caused by sediments

  • slightly increases pH, which is beneficial for the human body

  • favourable for your pets and plants as well



  • Household

  • Industry

      (cooling, heating and cleaning systems)

  • Heating plants

  • Hotels

  • Laundry rooms

  • Water parks

  • Agriculture and animal breeding

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IPA also saves the environment. Not only you no longer need to buy water in plastic bottles, but your tap water will be much tastier and healthier. It penetrates the cells more easily and fills the cellular and intercellular space sufficiently, ensuring good hydration of your body and giving you more energy. Ionised water is also excellent for your pets and plants. Plants watered with this water are healthier and stronger.


One of the biggest benefits of using the IPA at home is that it saves you money and many troubles. Whether it is with limescale, rust, or constant buying of cleaning products and plastic bottle packages. Sometimes pure ionised water is enough to clean with:


By eliminating lime scale and corrosion, IPA will quickly return the investment. You will save money for detergents, energy, maintenance .. In practice, it turned out that laundry rooms with the IPA installed used only 2/3 of the original detergents needed, without the use of any additional chemical softeners. Water parks have confirmed the

overall improvement of water quality and reduced the use of

chemical products (eg chlorine). In general, businesses using the IPA

are becoming more eco friendly and economical at the same time.


Limescale in industry brings daily financial losses. By accurate measurements we have found that a 3 mm scale of thermal equipment on thermal equipment reduces their efficiency by 20%. At 6 mm it is up to 35%, which means a daily loss of one third of the energy. IPP removes the old scale and the new scale will no longer be formed. The simple and quick application of our device relieves you of these problems without further investment and work. In addition, when using a public water supply system, it will provide you with quality drinking water for your employees.

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Before IPA

After three months with IPA

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Ionized water has a very beneficial effect on animals and plants. We have recored a general improvement of health and stamina in animal breeding as well as reduced drug consumption. Tests on poultry have also shown a reduction in mortality and a greater increase in pure meat. In plant production, IPP not only protects irrigation systems from colloids, but also provides plants with water that makes them healthier and firmer. This water is easier to absorb, which means that, compared to ordinary water, a greater percentage enters plants and soil before it evaporates. In both sectors, we are again experiencing cheaper and healthier operations.

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The IPA consists of a flow body, which contains an inlet and an outlet. There are at least two electrodes in this body. Both are made of different electrically conductive material. The flowing water forms a galvanic wet cell with these electrodes. The electrical voltage of this cell is sufficient for the molecules of the flowing water to be polarized. The magnitude of this voltage is in the range 0.6 - 0.8 V. This voltage is dependent on the electrical conductivity of the water.

This phenomenon can be used in waters with a conductivity of 50-2000 µS / cm 2, i.e. in conventional waters where the salt content is from 50 to 2000 mg / l. By the passage of water between these electrodes, the salts of calcium (Ca2 *), magnesium (Mg *), iron (Fe2 *, 3 *), which are found in the water as carbonates, sulfates and chlorides, dissociate into hydroxides. As a result, these cations lose the ability to form crystalline deposits in pipes, boilers, heat exchangers, etc. These carbonates are formed further, but only in the form of soft particles - sludge.

IPA devices are installed for water with conductivity from 50 to 2,000 uS / cm2. In the system where IPA is used, no foreign voltage supply system can be built-in (ion exchanger, electromagnetic system,
 etc.). The maximum flow rate of water through the device is 4 ms -1 (when selecting the type of device, we take into account this data and the maximum flow rate apart from the data on the pipe diameter). IPAs are sized for pressures up to 1 MPa.

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